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May 13, 2017

Dear Mr. Lipperman

This letter is long overdue, but I am writing to express my appreciation for the staff of the Rehabilitation Center at Cedar Manor. My father,BV, was a patient there from the end of January through the beginning of March of this year and we feel that he received excellent care at your facility.

My father is a vibrant 96-year old who came to Cedar Manor for bladder rehabilitation after being hospitalized. Since my father is cognitively “with it” and has no other major health issues, it was a difficult transition for him. He is used to being at his apartment and living independently at the Atria Woodlands. We never dreamed that rehabilitation would take six weeks. However, I must commend your staff, who gave my father excellent care and worked hard to make his stay as comfortable as possible. As busy as they are, they were still pleasant and cheerful and made sure he had everything he needed. They also were responsive to all my questions and concerns, even in my most anxious, emotional moments.

I would like to specifically acknowledge my father’s “team”: the physical therapy staff, the nursing staff, especially Joseph and Antonio, and Louella Donati, the Nursing Supervisor. Although she has the Herculean task of overseeing everyone’s care, she does her work with patience and kindness. She was always available to answer my questions. I would like to acknowledge Recreation Director Rodica Boanta, who was always cheerful and supplied my father with a copy of the New York Times every day (being able to read the paper was a saving grace for him). I would also like to mention Dr. Terranova, who gave my father excellent care and always gave him a lift with his sense of humor. Finally, I would like to acknowledge Jean Ron, our social worker. She communicated with me whenever I needed her, guided me through all the stages of the process and again, handled everything with kindness and patience.

Happily, my father came home at beginning of March without needing much care at all (not a catheter in sight), and is now back to his normal routine. We are very grateful to your staff for all they did to help him recover.


Lynn V.S.

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