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June 24, 2017
Dear Jean and Gary:

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation about the professional excellence of Ms. Wendy Bloch on your staff and the quality of service she provides for people assigned to her.

I had the opportunity to interact with her regarding some problems my sister-in-law, Ms. AK, had with her telephone services. Wendy was very creative. She did some Google searches and identified a company which provides services for people with hearing diabilities. She invited them to visit, stayed with them during the visit, and helped to pick the right phone at the end. Ann is very happy and we are relieved that she can have a fucntioning phone with lots of special provisions for the hearing disadvantaged. Wendy's drive, initiative, and follow-up regarding residents assigned to her are of the top class.

Wendy is well read and takes a genuine interest in the needs of the people assigned to her and follows up with her peers to find an appropriate solution. The case in point is the fixing of the headrest in the chair in which Anne spends a considerable amount of her waking time. A customized refitting of the neck rest was completed and Anne is more comfortable.

I commend Wendy for her genuine enthusiasm, tenacity to solve problems quickly and efficiently, and communicating the status of her efforts until completion.

Cedar Manor Nursing Home is run very well thanks to the excellent professionals in all departments from nursing to physical therapy. As a retired IBM Research Division Executive, I can understand the efforts to hire top class staff to realize quality care for the elderly and helpless at the end stage of their lives. It is my pleasure to mention that you have an outstanding staff member in Wendy and a caring manager in Jean.

With all best wishes,
Dr. V.S.

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