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February 6, 2018

Dear Mercedes, Trish, & Antoinette,
I could never have done my therapy without you. Thank you for helping me get on a journey of recovery. I was so scared when my surgeon told me the first week in Rehab was the most crucial so I wouldn't end up healing with a bent knee.
I don't know how my surgeon thought that sending me home would be a faster recovery than going to Rehab. at Cedar Manor. I know there is no way I would have gotten the attention, and I would have made the progress at home that I made at Cedar Manor with all your help. During the first week of therapy I wished that I never had the surgery as well as never thought I's be able to lift my leg again without assistance...let alone be able to ever drive again. When the later occurs, I'm coming back to visit all of you with a special surprise.
Thanks again for all your diligent effort and hard work on me.

Lorraine M.

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