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To the management and entire staff at the Cedar Manor.

On behalf of the Zanzano family I would like to thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and excellent care given during the 9 months that our late father, Nicholas, lived at Cedar Manor. Like so many others in his position, Dad never wanted to be in nursing facility, but with his physical limitations, advanced age and diminshed mobility we both knew it was the right decision. The friendly staff, nurses, doctor and aides helped him to feel comfortable and at home in your residential community. I always thought that the staff worked hard to meet his health needs and maintain his dignity. He enjoyed receiving physical therapy from the friendly and excellent team in that department. He also enjoyed and looked forward to the coffee and doughnut social hour every morning as well as afternoon entertainment. What was extremely important to dad was the close friendships he made with his fellow residents especially Jackie, Catherine, Margaret, Lucille and Tom, which made life more normal.

As Dad's health deteriorated it was a comfort to see the concern the staff showed to help him overcome any and all difficulities and the calls I received from the staff doctor and nurses to inform me of dad's condition and the course of action they planned to take to help him.

I will always speak highly of Cedar Manor to anyone who asks me about a nursing and rehabilitation home to recommend. Your staff is patient and kind in their treatment of the residents. I never heard a cross word spoken and Dad often told me how nice the staff was here.

You do your best for people in the most difficult times of their lives and we thank you for the suppport that you give to families like ours.

Thank you again,

The Zanzano family.

PS. I would like to thank Cedar Manor for referring and working with Senior Planning who helped greatly in the process to enroll my father in Medicaid. Their help was outstanding and eliminated a great deal of stress and work that would have been required in the application process.

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