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June 14, 2019

Dear Mr. Lipperman:
This is a follow-up in writing to our conversation today in which I mentioned my appreciation of a young gentleman, Santiago, who comes into Rose's room to clean. He speaks so kindly to her when he comes in. Though he hasn't worked at Cedar Manor very long I would not have ever known it by the answers he gives me to the questions I asked him, his response and maturity. I know Rosie is certainly in good hands in the continued good care of Santiago, Willy and Nick. It means so much to me.

Two others I would like to thank for their continued assistance is the activities person who I am always asking for a vase to bring flowers to Rosie and a peppy nurse of Korean decent that I already addressed to the Director of Nursing, a couple of months ago.

When I leave Rosie I feel confident that she is always in good hands being at Cedar Manor.

Thank you kindly.

Wendy Kelly

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