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Dear Mr. Lipperman,
I wanted to first and foremost express my deepest and heartfelt gratitude for some of the wonderful people working at your facility. Two in particular are Salomae, who I first met when my mom was a patient on the East Rehab wing and sometimes floats on the North wing, and secondly Dianne, who works evenings on the North wing. Please forgive me for not knowing their last names, but let me assure you I have come to know them well. I could write forever and still not be able to express how much their kindness, caring and endless patience towards my mom means to me. There are many who do their job well, but these two individuals are among the best. Salomae and Dianne have very obviously chosen the profession and dealing with seniors because they honestly care about the elderly. Their hearts are as big as the ocean. When I leave after visiting my mom, each and every night, I am always so much more comfortable and secure when I know these are the women whose hands I leave her in.
They say we reap what we sow, and I also am a nurse for the past 44 years, so I now believe I must have done something right for all those I have cared for as I am now blessed to have people like Solamae and Dianne being the kind of professionals I have always tried my very best to be, caring for my precious mom. I also believe with all my heart that as they have come to know my mom and our entire family more each day, they realize how difficult her illness is for us and most of all, for her. I also believe they step into our shoes and truly understand it could just as easily be someone they love with all their hearts, as we do our Mom. I am keenly aware of how difficult working with seniors can be for I too have traveled that road. I chose Cedar Manor as the place for my mom after seeing a very good friend's family members cared for there. As I said when I first started my letter, there are many others who are very kind...Micheline, Novelet, Joseph, Luis and more, but these two ladies are in particular very rare and wonderful people that you should be more than proud to have as your staff members. Although I have thanked them myself, I would so appreciate if you could forward a copy of this letter to them.


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