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March 2015

Dear Hillary,

My name is NZ. I am PZ's granddaughter. I was in for a visit last week and I didn't have a chance to thank you. You gave my grandmother a pretty necklace (she always loved to be well-dressed and classy!) You took an hour to feed and nourish her. You smile with her and care for her. I realize that it is your "job", but somehow I feel like it comes from a deeper place in your heart and I thank you. I live far away and because she cannot hear me on the phone and doesn't recognize me to much anymore. I do not get to tell her nearly enough that she is a part of everything I do, that I think about her everyday, that I will never forget all that she has done for me, that I tell my friends and colleagues, about my time spent with her growing up and that she taught me so much.

Thank you for making her feel special at this time when she most needs it and I cannot be there to help. You are deeply appreciated for all that you do and that the next time I am home for a visit I hope to give you a hug.

All the best,

Note: Hillary is employed as a certified nursing assistant.

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