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October 27, 2015

Dear Mr. Lipperman,

I am writing you this note to tell you that I am so pleased with my mother's care at Cedar Manor. Visiting a nursing home is traditionally something that people dread doing, but in this case, I have nothing but nice things to say. Nobody wants this living arrangement for a loved one, but being in Cedar Manor has turned out to be far from the stereotypical nursing home experience. The building is kept very clean and always smells very nice. My mother is well taken of by the team of nurses on the east wing, and she always looks clean and well dressed. They take great care in keeping her look good, including having her nails done without being asked. The nutritionist in the building has taken great pains to find foods that my mom will eat, giving her some much needed calories. The social worker has been nothing but helpful and at this point, we have begun working with Nancy Sewalk, in the business office, who clearly knows what she is doing. The atmosphere at the nurses' station is friendly and attentive to family and no nurse is ever to busy to ask "Can I help you?" Although I thank them when I am there, please thank them all for me for taking such good care of D.S.


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