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March 24, 2016

To the Staff of Cedar Manor,

My grandmother, Mary V. D. was a resident at Cedar Manor from January of this year until very recently. On Friday, March 18th, 2016, my grandmother passed away.
When my grandmother came to Cedar Manor, it wasn't under the best circumstances. Pneumonia had left her incredibly weak, and requiring constant care and assistance. She was so disheartened that she was unable to return home, and wasn't even able to get out of bed by herself. I was very concerned about her mental state, as my grandmother was "fiercly" independent.
In a few short weeks, I began to see tremendous changes in my grandmother. She became stronger and was soon getting out of bed on her own. She was optimistic and wanted to live. I believe we owe so much of this improvement to Physical Therapist, Arlo. He pushed her to work incredibly hard during her sessions, and managed to inspire and encourage her in a way that no one else could. She looked so forward to her sessions with him. When he PT sessions stopped, she was so much more indepenent and so proud of herself. Her quality of life waas greatly improved, and she really enjoyed being able to walk around Cedar Manor by herself. Arlo built a relationship with my grandmother, and helped her find joy and independence at the end of her life. This was such a valuable gift that he gave to her as well as to my family.
There is one other staff member who stood out... a gentleman named Joe. I do not know Joe's exact position at Cedar Manor, But I do know that his kind smile and encouragement brightened my grandmother's days. He was always there to answer any questions, share suggestions when my grandmother couldn't hear us (called her on the phone), and he would make sure that my grandmother was comfortable and taken care of.
These two gentlemen are exemplary employees, and had a tremendous impact on the quality of my grandmother's final months on earth. I am eternally grateful to them, and hope that they are recognized for their kindness and high standard of excellance.

Jessica S.

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