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Ms. Debra Sabato
Cedar Manor
Cedar Lane
Ossining, NY 10562

Dear Ms. Sabato:

Thank you for the superb job your staff does taking care of my mother. Our family is thankful to all those who are so dedicated in their work and so loving in their often difficult jobs.

From my first tour of your facility with Maura Lyons, I could see immediately that the staff really cares about the residents. Maura really knows the people there and takes the time to offer them personal attention. Her medical background is so helpful as well, making it easier for me to arrange with her a terrific choice of a primary care physician. She is clearly proud of the people she works with. My mother decided the minute she finished her tour to move in the next day.

Upon arrival at South wing, Daisy, Suzette and staff all together said with smiles, “Hello . Welcome to your new home!” Day by day, Daisy works on solving the problems that arise. Suzette is the most efficient nurse I’ve worked with in ensuring my mother always has the right supply of meds (and after 15 years of dealing with my mother’s Parkinson’s medications, that says A LOT). Mom is ecstatic that the nursing staff takes the timing of her Parkinson’s meds very seriously. It truly affects the quality of her days. She’s so thankful to Ian, Emery, Iveta, Eric, Jihan, Silvia, Joan and all of the other nurses who cover her med shift. Lorna has been a true God-send. Mom affectionately refers to her as her “Jewish mother,” the greatest of all compliments in our family.

Lorna truly cares about the little things that make life brighter everyday and should always be proud of the wonderful job that she does. The rest of the team of aides are also quite caring and compassionate: Vivian, Andie, Deon, Leoni, Angela, Zepora, and all of the other aides who cover the shifts of keeping their eyes on Mom.

Tammi in OT is right up there with Anne Sullivan. Her vivacious charm really works in getting her patients to rise up and meet their full potential in activities of daily living. She has extraordinary energy and always has a smile. The physical improvement in Mom since entering Cedar Manor is just fantastic, thanks in great part to Tammi.

Your team of activities staff all make life for Mom so much more rich and rewarding on a daily basis. When my family and I visit every Sunday, we’re thrilled to hear her talk of the fun she’s had during the week, playing Bingo, hearing concerts, occasionally seeing the visiting dogs, and participating in any/all of the activities that Marilyn, Aaron, Boris, Anna and Colleen get her to. We hope that keeps up for a long, long time!

The chef and nutrition team have been wonderful and my mother is so happy to have made it into the main dining room. She’s working hard to stay in there.

Your maintenance/porter crew (Oscar, Bob, Richard, Jose, David) have all been so helpful in helping me move Mom in, as well as helping her pick up a dropped book or adjust a TV station. They’re terrific about stopping in for the little things needed now and then. Jamal has been a great help too.

The cleaning ladies (Esprelita and Nilda) keep the room spotless.

Last, but furthest from least, is the woman who enables me to sleep at night, knowing that my mother is truly being looked after and cared for beyond just the basic necessities of life, the woman who checks in and sees how Mom is really doing: Joanne Johnson-Hirshman. We’ve known many social workers: Joanne is the best!

We wish you a happy, healthy holiday season!


Chappaqua, NY

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