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November 16,2016

Dear Ms. Sabato:

I want to take the time to tell you about my experience with Cedar Manor, since my mom, P.P. has been there.

My mom came to your facility on Norvember 2, 2015, so it's been a bit over a year. As a family we struggled with our decision to place my mom but also realized that she required more care than she was getting at home, even with full time Aides. My aunt and I visited several nursing homes in the area, and after seeing Cedar Manor, we knew right away that we had found a new "home" for mom. We were so impressed by the friendliness of your staff, by the cleanliness of the facility, by the lovely, bright, zen-like atmosphere of the wings. We were so impressed that folks like my mom - with dementia - were not relegated to a "separate floor or wing," but instead integrated among all the other residents, those with more needs, and those with less.

To this day, I know we made the right decision to palce my mom at Cedar Manor. All of your staff in they South Wing are wonderful. They are all professional, kind, caring, and on top of everything. Your nurses: Margie, Emily, Sheila, Ariel, Jannize, Dawn, Silvia, etc. (I know I'm forgetting someone!) are truly the best. There has not been one time that I have called there - no matter what time of the day or night, that they have not had detailed answers to any of my questions regarding my mother. They have been patient, an responsive. The Aides who take care of my mom, in particular, Antonetta, Jeanette, Andie, Lorna, etc., always make sure she is clean, fed and well taken care of.

Mom has had and continues to have some touch and go health issues, where we, as a family, had and continue to have to make some very hard decisions. All of our options were explained to us in detail during a Care Plan meeting recently, suggestions were made - but at no time did I feel we were being "forced" into doing anything we didn't want to do. Right now, mom is not doing well, but I want you to know that she is being cared for so well. The nurses and aides are so attentive to her every need.

I want you to know how much I apprectiate everything Cedar Manor has done and continues to do for my mom. Please be sure to pass this on to your staff also, so that they know how much they are apprectiated.



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